precision parts machining

CNC Machining Services

We specialize in Precision CNC Machining Services. What is CNC? CNC = Computer Numerical Control. Using our CAD/CAM software, we’ll convert your design into numbers, or coordinates of a graph. This will control the movement of the cutters as your precision part comes to life. We also offer traditional manual machining and custom fabrication services. Our team at Quality Components will use our state of the art CNC machines to produce finished parts that exceed your expectations. On budget. On time.

New Product Design

We offer affordable design services utilizing SolidWorks 3D Design Software – we’ll tackle the jobs that our competitors won’t. Owner Vern, and his team at Quality Components, LLC have decades of combined experience with new product design, and take a hands on approach to sharing that knowledge with the many companies who rely on their expertise.

New Product Consulting

We’ve coined a term at Quality Components, and we offer this service at no charge…. It’s our. “Manufacturability Consultation”. For parts that are difficult (or sometimes impossible) to manufacture, we’ll find a way. The entrepeneurial spirit runs deep at Quality Components, and we love a good challenge. Have a napkin with an idea on it? Let’s talk!. Quality Components, LLC of Denver, Colorado has consulted with numerous companies prior to the production process. The ultimate goal is to help you create a part that is optimized for the manufacturing process, resulting in lower project costs.

Machining Services